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Celebrity have over 40 years experience creating quality upholstery furniture.

All Celebrity chairs are in our showroom to try before you buy and you can walk away with a beautiful chair today. Celebrity is made in Nottinghamshire UK and uses the traditional skills of local craftsmen. We love Celebrity recliners because they can adjust to an almost infinite variety of positions and rise recliners can raise the user effortlessly to their feet.


Classic comfort with excellent back lateral support is its unique feature, the two-long pillow back supports provide extra comfort and this chair comes in three sizes, Grande, Standard, and Petite, and comes in a choice of leather or fabric.

Medical Grade Foam Seating Technology (Fabric models only)


The Westbury Range offers both comfort and reassurance from the solid wooden knuckle design and the triple pillow back cushions. Its unique quality is that it has a flexible cushioning that moves, called the waterfall back. Available in different sizes and in fabric and leather upholstery. An adjustable headrest option is available on all Westbury powered Dual motors. Westbury 2 and 3-seat fixed settees have removable back for ease of delivery. Models are also available without knuckles if preferred. Real wood knuckles come in Mahogany, Teak and Natural.

“It has plenty of support but does give to the shape of your body. It’s fixed but has movement” says Andrew.


Known for its soft seat technology called ‘softer sit’ it has a modern 3 tier supportive foam back design which really helps when you need to sit for a long period of time.  Andrew says ‘I really like the Mammoth medical grade foam in the Somersby, for the soft sit reason.’



Come in to try the Sandhurst range, we have a show range for you to try.  Sandhurst’s most notable feature is the fiber-filled backed cushion which is a favorite here in Pine and Oak. It has full-length side pockets to house the powered handset. It has Mammouth Medical Grade foam seating technology. Models are available in fabric or leather.

Andrews says It’s probably the smallest and neatest chair we have in the shop, it’s ideal for small houses.’

Try before you buy by taking the display model home to see how you get along.


A classic collection and the most popular recliner range for Celebrity. These chairs have deep buttoned fibre backs and supportive scroll arms and come in 4 sizes. ‘The great thing about the Woburn style, says Andrew, is its traditional lines the 4 sizes as it can fit a range of different people. We have a display chair in the shop come and try the Woburn chair today.’

Woburn Collection


The Hertford Suite features a contemporary sleek back fiber filled back cushion and square soft arm design with a ‘softer sit’ springing system for added comfort. The Hertford chair is also available as Riser Recliner.

Andrew says ‘I like the Hertford range as it has a neat arm.’

New Cloud Zero System

It’s new and a must-try, includes a 3-motor lift and tilt and we have a display model in the shop for you to try. It has 20% more lifting capacity, and individual seat tilt to aid relation.  It’s highly versatile and capable of offering almost infinite seating positions, this advanced rise and recliner helps users achieve greater tilt for ultimate relaxation. Then, when ready to find their feet again, the chair’s smooth action will help to return users safely to standing with ease. This robust and versatile design also offers 20% more lifting capacity and, of course, a 5-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Cloud Zero Information

Tailored to fit

Choose your model, choose size, and fabric. All chairs come with a 5-year guarantee. You can find more information about Celebrity the company here.

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